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Happy Tots is a unique early childhood program with theme based integrated curriculum, which sets the standard for early years education. Happy Tots encompasses the key fundamentals of a top-notch kindergarten education.

Trong Tam  

About the Founder

With over 25 years of experience in the school education sector, Dr.K.R.Maalathi launched Happy Tots as an exclusive world - class early education program with a vision to offer a 21st Century futuristic curriculum that caters to the growing needs of both the students & the teachers. Read more

Professional Development Program for Teachers

One of the chief reasons for Happy Tots being the most preferred curriculum amongst teachers is because we develop the curriculum not just keeping the learner’s need in focus, but also addressing to the teachers needs. Teachers are given complete and in-depth orientation into the philosophy and approaches of the curriculum and are given the liberty to independently deliver the program in their own style. Just like how each child is unique, we understand that each teacher has his/how teaching style and it is ultimately in the hands of the teacher to make learning a meaningful... Read more


Trong Tam  

Our Approach

HT adopts a combined approach, taking in the best and most relevant aspects and custom designing them to suit the emerging needs of a 21st century classroom. The Happy Tots approach is socially, culturally & geographically sensitive.   Read more


As we are growing, we are developing significant resources, such as our own Educational Research Department to design programs and curriculums in accordance to the ever-evolving world needs. We work with experienced educators from diverse backgrounds and constantly rework to enrich the curriculum and ensure its relevance to the robust classroom needs.

We carry on continuing research in areas of child development, student learning & development needs, the impact of pedagogies on motivation to learn, the impact of a teacher in a technology driven environment, the changing expectations of parents & society towards school and learning, to name a few....   Read more